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Biodiesel is a way to reduced human caused global warming. Vehicles are a major source of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas that causes global warming. Research has shown that use of biodiesel reduces the GHG emissions by over 76% compared to petroleum diesel.


One of the great advantages of biodiesel is that it can be used in existing engines, vehicles and infrastructure with practically no changes. Biodiesel can be stored and burned just like petroleum diesel fuel, and can be used pure, or in blends with petroleum diesel fuel in any proportion.All diesel engines can use biodiesel.


Biodiesel can be used 100% or in blends with petroleum diesel fuel.Which correspond to the percentage of biodiesel in the blended fuel. For eg. a 20% blend of biodiesel with 80% diesel fuel is called B20. When biodiesel is first used in a vehicle, it may release fuel tank deposits which can lead to fuel filter plugging.

1. Area Required 10000 sqft
2. 100% B100 Density 860kg/3
3. Margin to Dealers 8/-per ltr.
4. Return on investment within 1 yrs.
5. 2 nozzle Dispenser
6. 30000 ltr storage tank
7. All valid licenses.
8. Pump Operational within 2 months.
9. Full Marketing Support from company.

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To be the No.1 and World Class Biodiesel Company known for its supreme service and easy approach. Caring and delighting the customers with high-quality biodiesel at the bare minimum cost. And innovative services across domestic markets with aggressive growth and delivering the best service. The Company will be a model of excellence in the biodiesel industry with social commitment, saving environment with global warming, and employee welfare and affairs.

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Bio diesel is recognized as our nations advance Biodiesel,
creating a more stable and diversified domestic energy supply.
UCO100 BioDiesel is a supplier of superior quality Biodiesel.
We also help our clients in establishing hi-tech petrol and diesel pumps with all the modern facilities.

UCO100 BioDiesel

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“It is very much nature friendly biodiesel, it’s fit to our budget and naturally good for human being.” Vipin Sharma

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